Maintenance of Personal Records

Important Information

Families in the applicant pool are responsible for correcting and updating phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, family status or other information. To access the record, you will need to have a Bruin OnLine (BOL) account and your University ID number must be included in your child's applicant pool form. If you need to establish a BOL account, contact the BOL office at

All applicant pool forms must be updated annually. ECE will email you instructions each January to update online, using a BOL account. There is no charge for updating your information; however, any application not updated by the stated deadline will be removed from the applicant pool.

If you are unable to access your child's record after the annual update period, and you need to make any changes, please email the information to [email protected]. An ECE staff member will make the necessary changes to your application. Examples include any change in employment status (such as an appointment to a faculty position), a new phone number, new address, an adjusted preferred start date or preferred center changes, etc.

ECE Enrollment Policies and admission procedures are subject to change without notice.

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