ECE Resource and Information Program

ECE Resource and Information Program

January 7, 2014

The Child Care Resource Program was established by UCLA Early Care and Education in 1980 to help UCLA-affiliated families locate off-campus child care resources.

The Child Care Resource Program provides child development information and off-campus resources to UCLA-affiliated families. The program coordinator is in contact with Westside child care providers both in-home and center-based care. For other parts of metropolitan Los Angeles, resources are available from state-funded Resource and Referral agencies or other agencies.

The Child Care Resource Program is a personalized service for UCLA-affiliated families. The coordinator will describe the range of resources available, how to evaluate a particular program or provider and suggest what questions will provide parents with the information they need to make a stable arrangement.

The coordinator will provide a personalized selection of resources. Parents must make their own decisions based on what feels most comfortable to them and what arrangements best meet their family's needs. We do not make referrals or recommendations.

As children grow older, there is often a need to change the type of care or move to a different program. The coordinator is ready to help you make these transitions to other childcare programs that best meet your child's needs or age.

Contacting the Child Care Resource Program

UCLA parents are invited to attend a "Choosing Child Care" forum, held at noon on the first Monday of each month at the Bruin Resource Center at the Student Activities Center, Suite B44 (formerly known as the Men's gym—across from Ackerman Union). Note: If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, the forum will be held on the second Monday. For information or questions please email us at