Support for Faculty Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment and Retention of Faculty

Faculty members must submit Applicant Pool Forms on their own behalf. Please note: department representatives should not submit an Applicant Pool Form on behalf of a current or prospective faculty member. Placement of any child in the program is primarily determined by the availability of an age-appropriate space. This requirement is determined by state regulation and is not negotiable.

Priority consideration for faculty recruitment and retention is dependent on departmental nomination through the Dean's Office (Professional Schools) or the Executive Dean of The College (formerly The College of Letters and Science). If you wish to be considered for priority with the Professional Schools or The College, you are responsible for notifying your department that you are applying for child care (ECE will not notify your department). The request for priority placement goes from the department to the Dean's office.

Faculty members often ask if their department can write a letter of recommendation or a letter of support on the family's behalf. Early Care and Education does not prioritize faculty applicants. Please do not send letters of support or upload similar documents with your application in Curacubby. Any letter of recommendation you would like considered should be sent to the Professional Schools, Office of the Deans; or The College, Executive Office of the Deans. No letters of recommendation should be sent to the Office of the Vice Dean for Faculty at the David Geffen School of Medicine, which prioritizes by Applicant Pool Date only on a first-come, first served basis. Only the offices for the Professional Schools and The College manage lists for priority placement.


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